"It's All Good Hits #2 on Airplay Direct's Charts 

"It's All Good" hits #2 on Airplay Direct's Global Indicator Country Charts. Also one of the cuts, "Somebody's Somebody" is a top five finalist on Singer Universe's monthly song contest.

It's All Good" The New CD is done 

Jennifer's new CD is up on CD Baby. This is the first review.

Jennifer Brantley’s It’s All Good is a breath of fresh air, which is a little ironic considering that a lot of it sounds like it could have been made decades ago. This is country music the way it used to be, played on real instruments, sung with skill and feeling, and with lyrics that don’t all involve beer and pickup trucks

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The Little Things is buzzing in Europe 

The Little Things was released in Europe to radio and media. Here are some quotes "Exciting new artist and excellent production and performance. Certainly hit debut material." Tom Robinson Kingstown Radio UK "Really Enjoyable" Doc Schulze, Radio Eurohertz Germany "Nice voice almost perfect, very great performance." Etienne Berthels, Radio terre Franche, Belgium "Very enjoyable new track" Stella Coulson, Country Routes Magazine "This is very good" Erwin Schapendonk,…

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Jennifer records a new Hank Williams SR & Glenn Douglas Tubb written song 

The story behind the song began when Glenn was approached in 1958 by Hank's first wife, Audrey, who told him that she had found some old lyrics of Hanks that he never finished writing. She asked Glenn, who was a big fan of Hanks, to finish writing the lyrics and to come up with a Hank Williams’ style melody for the song. Although Glenn was young at the time, he had already written songs for Johnny Cash, Kitty Wells, Ernest Tubb, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and others. George Jones had just taken two of Glenn's…

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Jennifer makes it to 13 in Belgium 

Jennifer made it to #13 in Belgium on the CMA Europe Radio charts. The song was "10 Shades of Blue," one Razzy Bailey wrote and produced for Jennifer. The song was sent out on a compilation a few months ago

New Single With Razzy Bailey and Jennifer on itunes 

The new single duet with Razzy Bailey is now on itunes, along with the rest of Razzy's new CD "Im a Damn Good Time." Not only is Jennifer one of the guest artist but Micky Gilley and Johnny Cash are on there as well.